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Report an Absence

Attendance Line

  • Rex Putnam 503-353-5888

  • Sabin Schellenberg 503-353-5959

If your student is going to be absent, please call 503-353-5888 and leave a message stating their name, grade, and date of absence. Our attendance secretary checks the messages frequently and will excuse your student from class.

If you need to pick up your student early, please call 503-353-5888 and leave a message stating their name, the date, and the time of pickup. It is very important to leave this message AT LEAST one hour prior to the student's pickup time. If we are notified too close to the pickup time, we cannot guarantee your student will be released on time. Arrange with your student ahead of time where you will meet them. We will send a release slip to your student and your student will go directly out to meet you at the arranged location.

For serious attendance issues, including long term absences from school (more than 5 days), please contact your student's counselor at 503-353-5871.

State acceptable reasons for being absent:

Excused Absences

According to ORS 339.065 excused absences are:

  • personal illness; including medical, psychological and dental care

  • illness or death in the family

  • family emergencies or other compelling circumstances, as determined by the administration

Unexcused Absences

Any absence that has not been excused by the office in accordance with ORS.065 will be an unexcused absence.
Examples may include:

  • car trouble

  • completing homework assignments at home and then coming to school

  • hair appointments

  • job interviews

  • missing the school bus

  • oversleeping